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Manhattan Murder Mystery

After his longest run (yet) of intense dramas, Allen returns to something that is brightly comedic with Manhattan Murder Mystery. It’s a much needed breath of fresh air, coming from all the tabloid dramas that surrounded Husbands And Wives (1992). And in a crowd pleasing move, it reunited Allen with Diane Keaton for the first […]

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Manhattan is Woody Allen’s most beautiful film. The stunning black and white photography. The lush and gorgeous score. And, of course, the set. The island of Manhattan, from bookshops to skylines. In the middle of all this, Allen plops some of his greatest characters, one of his greatest moral questions and creates a masterpiece .Woody Allen […]

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Husbands And Wives Released On Blu-Ray In US

The latest Woody Allen title to hit blu-ray is Husbands And Wives, his controversial 1992 film. The release comes from Twilight Time and marks the first time the film has been released in high definition. Husbands And Wives was released the same year as Allen and Farrow ended their relationship. Many people saw parallels between […]

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