A list of Woody Allen standup albums


Woody Allen (1964)
Woody Allen Volume 2 (1965)
The Third Woody Allen Album (1968)
Standup Comic (1978)
The Stand-Up Years: 1964-1968 (2014)


  1. I heard a story 25 years ago attributed to Woody Allen during his stand up days. I know nothing about him or his work but this story had me laughing so hard, I was bent double. Basically, it was about him being a young man living in NYC on the dating scene. During the winter, in order to warm the apartment, he would run the shower before leaving for the date so the steam would heat up the flat. One time, on returning, the apartment was thick with steam so he opened the living room window. The pay off was something like ‘so the cold front from the living room met the warm front from the bathroom and it started raining in the hallway!’. Is this familiar at all to anyone? Is it Woody? Is it on an LP? Google and YouTube have proved fruitless over the years.
    Ta, Ewan.

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