The Curse Of the Jade Scorpion


The Curse Of the Jade Scorpion‘ is the 31st film written and directed by Woody Allen

So lightweight at times it threatens to blow away, ‘The Curse Of the Jade Scorpion‘ continues the run of comedies Allen pumped out in the 00s. A bright cartoon, it has many fun moments but the style and grace of the man who brought us Manhattan is nowhere to be found.

Woody Allen stars as CW Briggs. An insurance investigator whose workplace rival is Betty Ann Fitzgerald (Helen Hunt). Both come under the spell of a hypnotist named Voltan (David Odgen Stiers), and find themselves chasing after criminals that are closer to home than they think.

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Cast & Crew

  • Both Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson turned down the lead role. Allen then decided to play the part himself.
  • David Odgen Stiers fifth and last appearance in a Woody Allen film.
  • Charlize Theron‘s second Allen film, following Celebrity.


  • At $26 million, this had the highest budget of any Woody Allen film to date.
  • This film marks the end of allen’s association with Sweetland Films, co-owned by Allen’s old friend Jean Doumanian. The relationship ended badly, and would lead to a lawsuit and the end of their friendship.

Locations (show map)

  • Filmed primarily in New York, New York
  • The scene with the magician is at the Rainbow Room, floor 64 of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York.
  • Briggs’ insurance office is at 80 Center St, New York.




  1. This film is ranked by critics as among the worst in the Woody Allen canon but I think it is a very funny period piece. The absurd seduction scene between Charlize Theron and Allen is amusing especially when Woody goes into a trance. It’s a light hearted film with a good cast, good costumes, and good story.

    1. I agree. There’s a lot to like in this film. It’s more cartoonish like his early work. Allen himself maintains he was mis-cast, which could be right.

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