Anything Else


Anything Else‘ is the 33rd film written and directed by Woody Allen.

Woody Allen stars as David Dobel, a mentor to the true star, Jason Biggs who plays Jerry Falk, a young writer. His life is a bunch of Allen film tropes – in love with a difficult woman, he’s in analysis, he struggles with his creativity and the basic day to day of getting through modern life. That woman in his life is Amanda Chase, brought to startling life by Christina Ricci.

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Cast & Crew

  • Allen originally thought Jason Biggs was Jewish (he’s Catholic). Biggs was actually starring in a stage revival of ‘The Graduate‘ at night, and filming during the day.
  • Erica Leerhsen‘s second Allen film in a row. She would appear in one more – Magic In the Moonlight.
  • Carlo Di Palma came out of retirement to be cinematographer for this film, but he was unable to pass the insurance test. Darius Khondji was hired instead, a fruitful collaboration that would lead to another five films together.
  • Diana Krall makes a cameo as herself. In 2015, she revealed she forgotten what the name of this film.


  • This is loosely based on Woody Allen’s experiences of being a young comedy writer, he married young, and met an older man who taught him a lot about life, comedy, philosophy, and was institutionalised.
  • Only the second Woody Allen film to be shot in anamorphic widescreen (the first being Manhattan). Which is a shame because this film looks gorgeous.

Locations (show map)

  • Shot in Manhattan, New York.



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