Small Time Crooks


Small Time Crooks‘ is the 30th film written and directed by Woody Allen.

Woody Allen returns to contemporary New York for Small Time Crooks, one of those tales that could be by no one else. A pleasant light hearted comedy with broad cartoonish characters, it’s a bit of silliness that might not mean much, but Allen does so well.

Woody Allen stars as Ray, a small time crook with a big time plan to rob a bank by digging from the shop next door. His wife Frenchy (Tracey Ullman) sells cookies in the store as a cog, but then the cookies start to sell…

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  • Story-wise, it woes something to 1942’s ‘Larceny, Inc‘, the film has a similar premise but then diverge very quickly.
  • Allen’s first film for the then-still-quite-new DreamWorks studio – the start of a five film deal. However, Allen starred in a DreamWorks film two years earlier – Antz.
  • This would be Allen’s last film for Sweetland Films. The relationship between the two parties ended in lawsuits.

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  • Filmed in Manhattan, New York City
  • The Cookie shop is located at West 145th Street and Amsterdam Avenue



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  1. This is a perfect comedy. The writing is consistently funny and the rapport between Woody and Tracy Ullman and Elaine May is endearing. I watch this one to lift my spirits whenever I feel sad or depressed.

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