Woody Allen

Woody Allen is one of the greatest entertainers of the modern era.

He is best known and loved for the 40 odd films he wrote and directed (and in many of which he starred). Starting with slapstick-ish humour, he found a deeply personal and unique voice with a series of acclaimed films in the late 70s. He explored far beyond humour in the 80s, and consistently made a film a year. Musicals, tragedies, mysteries and more lead into 90s, before a return to comedies in the 00s. Then came his European period with a series of films with a darker tone.

He started out as a talented joke writer, then progressed to stand up comedy. In more recent years, his humour and wit is showcased in writings that are collected in a series of books, as well as the occasional magazine piece. Along with film and comedy, Allen is a passionate musician, and has played clarinet almost his whole life.


  1. I hope Woody Allen stays healthy and lives to be 100. That will give us at least 19 more films from a director and writer who has given me hundreds of hours of pleasure throughout my life. I always look forward to his next project or film. I don’t like to think about how I will feel if and when he retires. It will be like losing a friend I suppose.

    1. Hi Pete – yeah, it’s weird. I think of Prince, how he secretly recorded all this stuff that is only now coming out. But I guess films work differently, you can’t just secretly make 10 films and not have anyone know or put them out.

  2. Thank you Woody for your intellectual comedy I have enjoyed for the years growing up in the south.

  3. Without the films of Woody Allen my life never had been the same. Thank you for enriching my views on life and relationships. I can‘t picture myself living in a world without those stories of 49 movies of W.A.!

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