Filming Locations Map


  1. A couple locations for BULLETS OVER BROADWAY

    Scene: David Shayne and Helen Sinclair have drinks at a speakeasy after the first rehearsal. Location: Old Town Bar on 18th street.

    Scene: The two have another tête-à-tête in the park by some water. Location: The Boathouse in Prospect Park

    One location for ANNIE HALL:

    Scene: Alvy and Annie walk back to their apartment after spending the day in Brooklyn.
    Location: 131 e 70th street; the entrance is next door to Corrado Bread & Pastry.

    1. Awesome. Thanks. I’m just starting a series trying to find all the locations for every film and this is a great help.

  2. No problem. I just found a bunch of locations for “Manhattan Murder Mystery” which haven’t been listed on any other movie sites. Let me know if you’d like them and i can send them your way.

  3. Hi. This is a great resource; thanks! I noticed there are quite a few “missing” locations especially, eg, for Hannah and her sisters. Is that because some of them are (presumably) well-known/-recognized? I did have a question about a location in that movie re the lunch scene: Hannah and Lee meet Holly for a lunch after another failed audition; the camera circles the table but you do see the exterior of the building and get glimpses of the interior of the restaurant. A partial glimpse of the menu looks familiar but I don’t know if I’m making that up 🙂 The address next door to the restaurant says “11” but not enough other clues. Is it a real restaurant? If so, where? Or at least where is that exterior? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dr Michael – this map is pretty outdated now. We have started making new maps for every film, and at the moment the breakdowns of everything is in our books. So Hannah And Her sisters the restaurant is on 17 West 19th Street, and is long gone. It’s an Italian place now )the script says French). I am baffled that they aren’t promoting themselves as being the place from Hannah And Her Sisters – I can only assume the owners don’t know.

      1. Hi there! Thanks for your rapid reply! The funny thing about that is: I thought I recognized it as w 19th street, given the hint of the address next door, as well as that I used to frequent a popular place that was there in between (called “Champs”!) but said “nah, it couldn’t be…” 🙂 So thanks for sharing. Now I can sleep again.

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