Video: 10 Things About SMALL TIME CROOKS

The latest in our video series – our 30th! – is about Woody Allen’s successful 2000 film, Small Time Crooks. A crowd pleasing comedy packed with one liners, it is one of Allen’s most successful;, if lighthearted, films. It’s one of our personal favourites.

In our video we look at the films Allen starred in, also in 2000. We look at:

1. Allen starred in Picking Up The Pieces, a pretty terrible horror comedy.
2. Allen also had a small cameo in Company Man.
3. Allen also appeared in a series of commercials for Telecom.
4. His first under a new deal with Dreamworks.
5. The box office success.
6. Tracey Ullman.
7. Plot similarities with 1942’s Larceny Inc, starring Edward G Robinson.
8. Elaine May.
9. Hugh Grant.
10. And, the Cookie Shop.

The video is part of our series which is on our YouTube channel. Only another 20 or so to go! But that makes 300 bits of Woody Allen trivia over 30  videos. You can watch all of them here.

A lot of it comes from research done for our book – The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide. You can get both volumes on Amazon. We are working on volume 3 which will be out before the end of the year.



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  1. “CAUSE IF I GROW, AND YOU STAY THE SAME – WE’RE GONNA HAVE BIG PROBLEMS RAY!!!” Yes, Small Time Crooks is one of Woody’s many Masterworks. Peppered throughout this picture are little nuggets of advice on how to keep your relationship progressing with that little someone special in your life. Two people have to meet each other halfway. Even Woody’s black Jack Purcell’s make an appearance in this picture at the beginning when he’s walking intoo the candy store. The Jack’s should almost be a separate character within the film. The entire cast did a great job. Frenchy sure was right about those finger-bowls. Don’t forget to rinse!!!!! Who’s up for a game of Indian Poker?!!!! Anyone?

    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. There is always the same song/melody at the end of the 10 Things About videos.
    Could you please tell me which song it is?
    Thank you very much.


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