10 Things About Manhattan Murder Mystery – Trivia, Cast, Locations And More

The latest in our video series looks at Manhattan Murder Mystery. It was a pivotal film for Allen, reuniting him with Diane Keaton.

It’s another video highlighting some of the trivia you can find in our book series.

Here’s 10 Things About Manhattan Murder Mystery. Including:

1. Diane Keaton is back
2. Mia Farrow, who was set to star
3. The origins in Annie Hall
4. The nod to Alfred Hitchcock
5. The nod to Orson Welles
6. Madison Square Garden
7. Anjelica Huston
8. Film debut for Zac Braff
9. The other titles considered.
10. Allen’s appearance on BBC’s The South Bank Show with Melvin Bragg.

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  1. Another nod to Hitchcock is the courtyard Alan Alda shows Keaton as a potential restaurant location. This is the courtyard that was purportedly the inspiration for the set built for Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

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