Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY Released on Blu-Ray For First Time

Manhattan Murder Mystery is the newest film written and directed by Woody Allen to be released on Blu-Ray. It is the first time the 1993 film has been transferred to ultra high def anywhere in the world.

The release comes from Twilight Time, who have also released many other Allen films so far, now covering everything Allen made between 1971 and 1993. It is one of two films Allen made for Tri-Star Pictures. All of Twilight Time’s releases are limited to 3000 copies, so sadly some of those titles are unavailable.

Manhattan Murder Mystery saw Allen reunite with Diane Keaton. The pair had not starred opposite eachother since 1979’s Manhattan (although she had a role in 1987’s Radio Days). The film was a comic tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, also also starred Alan Alda and Anjelica Huston.

There are no more historical Blu-Ray releases planned as far as we know. Allen’s Sweetland Films catalogue (1994-2000) remain woefully unavailable.

Above and below is the artwork from the new Blu-Ray. You can order it now from Twilight Time.

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  1. Just watched MURDER again recently on DVD and realized I’d forgotten what a sunny and enjoyable film it is, underrated in the Woody canon – Keaton and Alda are both great fun together, and Woody’s panic attack in the elevator had me in stitches! I think I’ll pounce when the Blu-ray comes, and keep my fingers crossed for the Sweetland era – though I do have a European Blu-ray of my favourite Woody EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU which is perfectly serviceable, albeit with a lossy soundtrack which still sounds fine.

  2. MMM is one of Woody’s classics. Hitchcock Rear Window influences abound. Forget James Dean making the white undershirt a must have accoutrement to be the ultimate badass Rebel Without A Cause. In MMM Woody looks way more macho wearing his trademark classic white Brooks Brothers mercerized undershirt while dodging questions and accusations from Carol (Keaton’s character) about his rigidity!!! Keaton and Anjelika Huston sizzle in this picture. Ive got my fingers crossed Twilight Time or someone else will release Woody’s Sweetland films on bluray. I hope Woody’s little legal squabble a few years back with Jean Doumanian doesn’t put the kibosh on these beautiful puppies being released on bluray. Woody’s work always deserves the highest quality level of presentation. DVD’s are great but bluray would be better. Its just like an elevator trapped claustrophobic Larry Lipton once said, “My life is passing before me, and the worst part is — I’m driving a used car!!!!” LOL

    GO WOODY!!!!

  3. I have many of Woody’s Sweetland films on Blu Ray, obtained from Spain and Scandanavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. These include:

    Mighty Aphrodite
    Celebrity (1998)
    Everyone Says I Love You
    Bullets Over Broadway
    Small Time Crooks (2000)

    I’ve found that going multi region with your Blu Ray player is the only way to boost your Woody library on teh format.

    The only Woody films that I don’t have on Blu Ray are:

    What’s Up Tiger Lily
    Play It Again Sam
    Deconstructing Harry
    Sweet and Lowdown
    Melinda and Melinda
    Don’t Drink the Water
    Wild Man Blues

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