10 Things About Deconstructing Harry – Trivia, Casting, References And More

Deconstructing Harry is a fan favourite Woody Allen film, almost gleefully offensive and fun. The latest in our video series focuses on this 1997 film. We look at:

1. The documentary officially made about Allen in the same year.
2. The real inspiration for Harry
3. The many actors who turned down the lead role.
4. Robin Williams
5. Special effects and the link to Star Wars
6. The original version of the hell scene
7. The erratic editing in some places
8. The swearing count
9. The fictional university Adair, and where it gets its name
10. Twisted by Annie Ross

The research for this video comes from our book – The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide. It’s out now on Kindle and iBooks, and features everything on Allen’s films.

This is video number 27, with 20 more or so to go. Watch them all…

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  1. Great video. You mentioned Annie Hall was 1998 though – should be 1977.
    Keep up the good work though – especially defending him on Twitter.

  2. Deconstructing Harry is truly one of Woody’s Masterworks. The wardrobe, the sets, the locations, even the cloud oyster shell colored fall weather scream classic Woody. The All Star casting in this movie really is incredible. Each cast member fits and portrays their character marvelously. The scene where Kirstie Alley plays the supposed calm, cool, and collected psychotherapist with all the answers, but loses it all in apoplectic rage when she finds out that Harry was sleeping with her patient gets me every time. Poor Mr Farber. Sadly, I dont think that Red Apple Rest is still there. I can still see Harry and Joan walking out in front as she accuses Harry of obsessively staring at that ladies toes. And I’d hate to be honored by my university, the soil of my education – and show up with a hooker and a dead body. LOL Folks it doesn’t get any better!!!

    GO WOODY!!!!

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