VOTW: Film 95 Barry Norman Interview With Woody Allen

Tributes are pouring in for Barry Norman, the much loved and respected British film critic and TV host, who passed away. Norman was a mainstay on British TV for many decades, and a big fan if Allen’s.

Our video of the week is a full episode of Norman’s show – Film 95 – devoted to Allen. At the time, he was riding high on the acclaimed Bullets Over Broadway. It was also a couple of years on from his bitter separation from Mia Farrow.

There’s a nice bit where he speaks effusively about Jim Broadbent (and Mike Leigh). As usual, Allen is happy to give Hannah And Her Sisters a kick.

Norman interviewed Allen in 1988, but covered Allen’s films and career regularly. Radio Days was his favourite of 1987 and Annie Hall, no surprise, was one of his all time favourites.

Barry Norman was a great film critic, and influenced a generation of British film fans. There’s a nice obit in the Guardian.

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  1. I love the set for Barry Norman’s Film 95 television show. With striking neon blues and pinks bouncing off the smooth brushed aluminum backdrop, that set could double for the dance club scenes in DePalma’s classic Scarface. With Woody and Barry dressed in rather tradition preppy attire its a nice mishmash. Its Savile Row meets Miami Vice “don’t get high on your own supply!!!” Only one question remains. Where is Michelle Pfeiffer?

    GO WOODY!!!

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