Woody Allen Talks My Annie Hall Fan Film + Screening Details

My Annie Hall is an unlikely remake of Woody Allen’s 1977 film Annie Hall. It stars two amateur first time actors, both senior citizens. Woody Allen has now commented on the fan film, as it gets a very special screening this week.

My Annie Hall is the work of directors Matt Starr and Ellie Sachs. A small project came from wanting to use the power of cinema to help the elderly. The film stars Harry Miller, 94, and Shula Chernick, 73. The 29 minute film recreates many classic scenes from Annie Hall.

Allen spoke to the NY Post about the film. He said:

There’s an added comic element there, certainly. It’s as if it was being done by kindergarten kids, or people that are totally inappropriate in terms of natural casting, but … that makes it a festive production.

You can read more about the film at the NY Post.

My Annie Hall is getting a special screening at Strand Books in New York. It takes place on 15th August at 8pm, at their Manhattan store. More details at Strand Books.

Can’t make the screening? It looks like there may be more chances. My Annie Hall is playing the Teaneck International Film Festival in November. Hopefully more dates to come.

It’s been an otherwise uncharacteristically quiet year for Woody Allen, and for our site. But we are not going anywhere. When things ramp up, so will we.

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  1. Why is there so little fanfare about the fact that next year will be the first in nearly 40 we won’t get a new Woody film?

    Kind of a big deal…yet no-one’s mentioning it. Weird…

  2. Hi 🙂

    Hope to see more posts here in the future, perhaps now when Woody is coming to San Sebastian and perhaps other places here in Spain to film. I’m probably heading over there to see if I can spot the Maestro or any of the crew.

    Anyway, we all miss the updates from this wonderful page. All the best.

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