Nov News Bits 2: Radio Days House, Samuel L Jackson, Paris Manhattan Cast, James Gandolfini, Hollywood Bound, Manhattan Locations, Alien

Our twice monthly round-up of Woody Allen bits around the web.

Lee Quimby at her home, as used in ‘Radio Days’

New York Times reports some good news. The house from Radio Days has survived Hurricane Sandy. The house, located on Beach 115th Street, Rockaway, NY, sustained her share of water and wind damage, but she is still standing.

Lee Qumby, who owns the house, loves the film as well.

I think ‘Radio Days’ is one of his best films. And I thought that even before we bought the house.

Left to right: Bruel, Lellouche and Taglioni (far right)

Sophie Lellouche, Alice Taglioni and Patrick Bruel have been talking about Woody Allen and of course, the Woody Allen inspired Paris Manhattan. Each talks about what Allen meant to them growing up, and the making of the film, in a wonderful long piece in The Australian.

Samuel L Jackson joked this week about wanting a Woody Allen role to Film News. Promoting the new Quentin Tarantino film ‘Django Unchained‘.

“How many black people have you seen in a Woody Allen movie? I’m thinking I can break the mould. I’ll tell Scarlett to speak to him…”

He’s not the only action star to evoke Woody Allen this week. James Gandolfini of ‘The Sopranos‘ fame described himself in an interview with Metro News as a “260 pound Woody Allen”. Gandolfini is out promoting ‘Killing Them Softly‘, the new film by Andrew Dominik.

Time Out New York has published a list of Woody Allen places in Manhattan to visit, largely focussing on Annie Hall and Manhattan. Find Annie’s rooftop and much more.

Hollywood Bound‘ is a new deluxe photo book looking at bondage imagery in Hollywood films. Included in the book is Woody Allen in Casino Royale. The Daily Beast has a wonderful preview gallery, with images of Elvis Presely, Gary Cooper and more.

The book is brainchild of Tony Nourmand and Peter Doggett and was released in the US on 15th November. We have a particular fondness for Doggett, who has written several great books about the history of American music. You can find it at Amazon.

Etsy user Todd Spence is selling this lovely illustration.

Finally, a parody. We’ve already seen Woody Allen with Predator. Guatafoc now has Alien.


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