Paris Manhattan

parismanhattanRelease Date: 18th July 2012

Paris Manhattan is a romantic comedy about a Woody Allen obsessed woman, and her adventures in finding love. It’s light hearted, and is never deeper than a fun distraction. But it’s nice fun, with lots of in jokes for Woody Allen fans.

Alice Taglioni stars as Alice Ovitz. A 30s something pharmacist who’s still single, whose parents are starting to hook her up with men. Taglioni is beautiful and charming in the lead role, carrying the whole thing. If you can get past the idea that such a beautiful woman has trouble finding a man – but we guess that’s the conceit of every Jennifer Aniston film ever.

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  1. Never heard of Paris-Manhattan until a few weeks ago.
    Is there a way to see it in the movies, or on dvd now.
    Heard it played in an art theatre in California recently.

  2. It’s slowly had a couple of film festival type showings but I don’t think it’s really connected in the US. Keep an eye out for French or Jewish film festivals in your area

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