You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Released Two Years Late In Japan, Australia, New Zealand

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger was first released in 2010. It just hit cinemas in Japan this month and even more surprisingly, will be released in cinemas for the first time in Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

1st December was when ‘…Stranger‘ hit Japanese theatres. 17th January 2013 is the date set for Australia and 28th February 2013 New Zealand. It will be the first time these countries will be getting these films.

We can only assume a new distributor has picked up this film, and with the success of Midnight In Paris and To Rome With Love, has given this film a nominal theatrical release.

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger‘ is a drama starring Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Jones, Freida Pinto, Lucy Punch and Naomi Watts.

Set in London, it’s an exploration of the idea of faith and what it means. We follow a series of morality tales and we are asked if life is better if we live a lie.

The film received mixed reviews (currently 51% on Metacritic and 44% on Rotten Tomatoes), and is amongst Allen’s worse performing films, with a global gross of $34,275,987.

Trailer below

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