Husbands And Wives


Husbands And Wives‘ is the 21st film written and directed by Woody Allen.

This is one of Allen’s best films. It’s his 21st film as a writer/director, and it shows him at his most energetic, creative and vital, even though the subject matter is extremely bleak. The film, the examination of modern marriage, was released at the same time his relationship with Farrow ended, and it’s tough to separate that. Regardless of the drama surrounding the film, the film itself is a resounding, if disturbing, success.

Woody Allen stars as Gabe Roth, a teacher who is married to Judy (Mia Farrow). When their best friends Jack (Sydney Pollack) and Sally (Judy Davis) announce they are divorcing, it leads to a road of discovery for all four characters, and their lives are never the same again.

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Cast & Crew

  • Mia Farrow‘s last film with Woody Allen, after 13 in a row. Their personal relationship had ended earlier.
  • The second of five film appearances for Judy Davis. She was originally set to play the role of, well, Judy, before it was given to Farrow as it suited her schedule.
  • The last of three appearances in Allen films for Blythe Danner.
  • Jeffrey Kurland (sort of) appears as the narrator/interviewer. Kurland worked as a costume designer on over a dozen Allen films – including this one. He would appear on screen in Mighty Aphrodite.
  • Jane Fonda was initially offered the role of Sally.
  • Emily Lloyd was cast as Rain and footage was shot, but Allen decided it wasn’t working. The scenes were reshot by with Juliet Lewis. Kristy Swanson also auditioned for the role.


  • The first of two Allen films distributed by TriStar Pictures. Allen followed Mike Medavoy there, who had overseen Allen’s career at United Artists and Orion Pictures. It was intended as a multi-picture deal.
  • Inspired by Ingmar Bergman‘s film ‘Scenes From A Marriage‘.




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