Woody Allen is finishing post production on his new film, called Rifkin’s Festival. And we now have one more piece of the puzzle – who is supplying the music. Academy Award nominated Stéphane Wrembel is returning to work with Allen for the third time. Wrembel announced that he was back on Facebook. According to his […]

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Your Favourite Woody Allen Films From the 2010s

We started this poll at the start of March and the world has changed since then! Not just the coronavirus, but Woody Allen announced his autobiography, his publisher cowardly turned tail, and then the thing got published anyway. Strange times indeed. But we asked you to rank the 9 films Woody Allen released in the […]

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POLL: Rank Woody Allen’s 2010s Films

It’s been years since we ran a poll and with every other site running polls, we decided for March to ask you to rank Woody Allen’s 2010s. Allen released 9 films in the ten years that made up the 2010s. They are 1. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (2010) 2. Midnight In Paris (2011) 3. […]

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