COUP DE CHANCE first reviews – ‘Best film in a decade’

Woody Allen’s 50th film Coup de Chance has had its world premier at the Venice Film Festival. Which means the first reviews have started to roll in.

The film was greeted with a five minute standing ovation. There’s video of the ovation at a website called The News.

The film has so far gotten some of Allen’s best reviews he’s had in years. There’s praise for the cast. Many have highlighted Melvil Poupaud and Lou de Laâge. Many of them seemed very coy about the plot in detail.

The Guardian

The real shock, though, is the film. It turns out to be the best one he’s managed in a decade at least.


The question that must now be asked is: Will Woody Allen get lucky with “Coup de Chance”? He has made what is easily his best movie since “Blue Jasmine” (10 years ago), maybe since “Match Point” (18 years ago).

Rolling Stone

Coup de Chance is a pretty slight and minor film, but for an 87-year-old American working in a second language, it can’t help but seem impressive; it’s certainly as good as anything Allen has made since 2013’s Blue Jasmine.

The Telegraph

The headline is positive but the review is behind a paywall. The review is by Robbie Collins, a reviewer I’ve loved for many years.

Screen Daily

Allen has done something that is likely to surprise everyone. He has not exactly found something new, but at least found a new way to do it – and in French.

Plenty of reviews have also called the film the worse thing to ever happen to cinema. But it’s been a few films since Allen’s films have been reviewed with such an even hand. Critics have always given Allen amlot of love, even in recent years. So it remains to be seen how well it does with audiences.

More Woody Allen at Venice news to come!

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  1. I like how Woody will take the good reviews in his stride the same way he takes negative comments. He’ll be glad the reviews help box office and pay back investors but he never takes showbiz mass media as anything real.

  2. I’ve enjoyed all of Woody’s films these last 10 years. As far as I’m concerned, some of his films in the 2010s rate among his very best. To call his upcoming work “his best in a decade” only makes my anticipation at seeing it increase.

    I’m particularly fond of Irrational Man & Rainy Day.

  3. Folks The Maestro is in fine fettle!!! He’s still in Olympic caliber tip-top shape once again ready for the world!!! I do believe in some of the footage I’ve seen it looks like Letty is with him as well. Great stuff all around!!! The fact that this film is being compared to Blue Jasmine and Match Point is proof positive The Maestro has still got it!!! Woody keep on truckin’!!!!

    GO WOODY!!!!

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