COUP DE CHANCE round-up: Blu-Ray & DVD release, box office and 2024 release dates

Coup de Chance is Woody Allen’s latest film, and his first fully in a foreign language. His 50th feature is rolling out across the world. There’s now dates set for Blu-Ray and DVD, and more countries to come.

The blu-ray and DVD for Coup de Chance is set for its first release in France, the first territory to release the film. The release date is 27 January 2024. You can order the blu-ray or DVD from Amazon France.

We assume the discs come with English subtitles. Even when screened in Australia, Coup de Chance featured French credits, suggesting there is no traditional English version of the film. That might change if the film is released in the US or the UK. But so far, no release date has been set for those markets. So waiting for an Australian release might just be the same as this one.

Coup de Chance has been released in many countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Australia. The next big market to come is Germany, which has slated the film for release on 11 April 2024. The film in German is called Ein Glücksfall. German trailer and poster below.

Coup de Chance is a tense thriller set in Paris. It tells the story of Fanny, whose life is very controlled. But a chance meeting with an old flame changes everything. The film has been Allen’s best reviewed in many years. Not that Rotten Tomatoes should be taken too seriously, but its score of 84% is Allen’s first ‘fresh’ film since 2016’s Cafe Society (on 71%). The only films that have a higher score in recent decades has been Blue Jasmine, Midnight In Paris and then all the way back to 1994’s Bullets Over Broadway.

The film has also shown a relatively string performance at the box office. Allen’s last film, Rifkin’s Festival only made $2.3 million. Coup de Chance has already made $7.3 million in a smaller number of markets. It remains to be seen if it can chase A Rainy Day In New York’s $23.8 million, or at least Wonder Wheel’s $15.8 million.

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  1. Too expensive and chance-taking to buy it from Amazon France if no subtitles. Hoping it’s available from Australia soon. Please let us fans know. Thanks.

  2. Eagerly anticipating this film & the next season of the Woody Allen Pages Podcast! Any idea on when we may be hearing more episodes?

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