New ‘Fading Gigolo’ Pics And International Release Dates


We still don’t have much info from the US, but the publicity and release details for Fading Gigolo are starting to appear for other countries. We have new images and release dates for the 2014 film written, directed and starring John Turturro, and co-starring Woody Allen.

These new pictures are from the website of the French version of Premiere Magazine. Along with Allen and Turturro, there’s new images of Vanessa Paradis and Sharon Stone.

Here’s the current run of release dates.

2nd April – France
17th April – Italy
18th April – US, but in limited release. It will roll out across several weeks.
25th April – Brazil
30th April – Spain
1st May – Australia, Denmark
23rd May – UK, Ireland

US fans can also catch Fading Gigolo at a couple of film festivals before it’s limited US release. It is appearing at:

13th February – Boulder International Film Festival
Boulder Theatre

8th March – Washington Film Festival
AFI Silver Theatre

We expect more countries to follow and we will update this post with more details. It is going to be a typically busy year for Allen.

If you hear of any ‘Fading Gigolo‘ release dates in your country, please let us know.

Check out the trailer below:

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  1. It looks like this is gonna be a pretty fun movie. By the way, has anyone out there in Woody bluray land received their Crimes and Misdemeanors and The Front blurays yet? The lady on the phone told me that even though the release is set for February 11, sometimes they will ship early! I’m attentively chomping at the bit.

  2. And oh jeez, it looks like Mia is up to her old tricks again. The Great Conniver has talked her son and daughter into the fictional notion that “Woody did this to you,” “Woody did that to you” again. This latest offering from Dylan Farrow is aimed at trying to accomplish two things: firstly to sabotage Blue Jasmine of receiving any Oscars, and two, to promote Ronan’s new show on MSNBC. Mia, Ronan and the rest of the family are good people, but the more they keep pulling these cockamamie PR stunts the more Mia and Ronan come off as a couple of morbid perverse bitter nut-cases. Unfortunately they suffer from tall poppy syndrome and manic jealousy. It’s time to act like adults and move on.

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