More New Magic In The Moonlight Images Highlights Cast

More new images have surfaced online this morning from Magic In The Moonlight, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen. Film Stage has collected them all. The new shots feature Colin Firth and Emma Stone, but also gives us new glimpses of the wider cast – Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater and Jacki Weaver.

Emma Stone and Colin Firth
Colin Firth and Emma Stone
Colin Firth and Emma Stone
Colin Firth and Marcia Gay Harden
Hamish Linklater and Jacki Weaver
Colin Firth

We now have a lot of pics from the new film, which opens in limited release in the US on 25th July. We expect clips, interviews and more in the coming weeks. We will be covering every part of it!


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