New Woody Allen short story Breakfast Special in the New Criterion

Woody Allen has released a new short story. The piece, called Breakfast Special, has been published by the New Criterion. It is Allen’s first original short story for a publication in over a decade.

Over the years, Allen has often written short stories for publications like The New Yorker. They have been collected into books, but they usually start as periodical releases. An occasional story would still be released in the digital era but never on a regular basis. The whole culture of short stories in publications have taken a battering in the digital era.

Still, here’s Woody Allen with a new one. The new story is called Breakfast Special. I won’t give away any plot details. But it can be read at the New Criterion. The only thing I’ll note is the use of cell phones and Uber in the story. Also, they chose to illustrate the story with Edward Hopper’s painting New York Restaurant. New Criterion is also available as a print edition.

Allen’s last short story was for The New Yorker. Allen has released an entire short story collection in that time called Zero Gravity, so it’s not like his short pieces haven’t been released. We know that Allen has been writing and has been working on various plays and film ideas. Maybe more short stories will come.

In the meantime, Allen’s latest film, Coup de Chance, continues to roll out across the world with a DVD release coming soon. We’ll have a few more site updates coming soon.

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  1. Beautiful posting here William. It’s great to hear Woody is keeping busy, still ticklin’ those typewriter keys. It’s a real bummer, but it looks like Coupe de Chance isn’t gonna get a proper theatrical release in the US; and who knows if or when the bluray will be released in the US. All we can do is keep our eyes peeled for any news. Once again, thanks William!!!

    GO WILLIAM!!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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