Everyone Says I Love Woody Allen – Israel, Montreal and next few films

Last week we reported on the campaign by the Jewish Journal to get Woody Allen to make his next movie in Israel. It has caused a small internet flurry.

Based on comments Allen recently made to the press, he painted himself as a film maker for hire – have scripts, will travel. Allen’s Jewish heritage makes Israel an intriguing possibility. There has been much discussion within the Jewish community of the merits of this project – too much for us to link to here. Although the story has touched the mainstream, and was even written about in the L.A. Times, BBC, and more.

Now the Montreal Gazette has started their own campaign to get Woody Allen to Montreal. They spell out the benefits very clearly – a beautiful postcard to the city, and work for local actors and crew. It would be Montreal as product placement.

They aren’t wrong according to Gadling.com, who recently asked “Are Woody Allen Films The New Trip Planner?“. The article discussed the tourism impact of films, and in particular what Allen films like Midnight In Paris have done to that city.

So what are the chances of Allen getting around to these, or other cities? “Certainly a possibility” according to a statement from Ashton Fontana of 42West, Allen’s public relations company, to the Jewish Journal. The full quote:

While it is certainly a possibility at some point, they are fully committed for the next few films.

What is interesting is that ‘next few films’ line. Allen’s already working years ahead. We know his 2013 film will be film in part in San Francisco. It looks like at least the 2014 film is already at least planned location-wise. How many is ‘next few’? And what possible exotic locations will we be travelling to?

Meanwhile, Israel has managed to raise over $23k so far.

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