The Woody Allen Israel Project

The last decade of Woody Allen’s career has been an adventure around the world. London, Barcelona, Paris and Rome – this most New York of directors has been going on holiday. However, Allen has been very open about the reasons – money.

As he recently told the Wall Street Journal

It’s strictly economics. It started with “Match Point.” I wrote that film, and it was originally going to be about a family in New York, in Long Island and Palm Beach. But it was expensive to do in New York. And they called me from London and said, “Would you like to make a movie here? We’ll pay for it.” And so I said, “Yes.” It was very easy to anglicize it. From then on, other countries call up and invite me to make movies, which is great because they don’t invite me in the United States. What happens in Europe, in South America, in China and Russia—all these countries call me and say, “Would you make a movie here if we financed it?”

One country read this as a challenge. Israel are making a play to get Woody Allen to make a movie in their country. The Jewish Journal and a collection of actors and filmmakers have come together to raise money to bring Allen to their shores.

Their aim is simple. To raise $9 million dollars. They have set up a page at Jewcer, allowing people to donate and pledge (for rewards). Most touchingly, any extra money will be used to set up a fund for independent Israeli films going forward.

Check out the video below. You can pledge at Jewcer.

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