Fading Gigolo Filming Update: Liev Schreiber, Jill Scott, Vanessa Paradis – Pics + Video

Liev Schrieber got a visit from his son Alexander on the set of Fading Gigolo this week. We also got our first glimpse of him in full Hasidic Jew get up. Schrieber brought some of his physicality to the scene, stopping a fight after a car accident, restraining a man with a baseball bat and accosting Woody Allen whilst holding a package. More at the Daily Mail.

Vanessa Paradis was once again on set, along with Allen. There’s another character – a flashily dressed black woman – we assume this is the role originally pegged for Jill Scott (it might actually be her transformed by costuming but we don’t think so, despite wider reports and IMDB). Paradis had one scene where her hair (a wig) was covered and tied up. More photos at People Looks and Just Jared.

Contactmusic actually has a video of some of the filming and their own gallery.

John Turturro once again stayed behind the camera, in a beanie and sunglasses, for the duration of the filming.

IMDB has added some more actors (including Jill Scott), some with some very interesting roles such as ‘Large Sidewalk Washer’ and ‘Kidnapped Witness Onlooker’!

Elle Magazine interviewed Paradis this week, and she spoke a little about filming and Woody Allen.

I used to live [in New York City] long ago—20 years ago—and being back and working here is an amazing feeling…[In the film], I play a Hasidic widow. I have all kinds of special outfits—long skirts and wigs—and, boy, I get to say my lines to Woody Allen in New York. That’s pretty awesome.

She also revealed her first Woody Allen film was Annie Hall, and more about her new film ‘Café de Flore‘.

Finally, twitter user @johnnybombola took this shot of him and Woody. Who is that actor behind them? We recognise the face but can’t place it!

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