Six New Woody Allen US Blu Ray Releases September 2022

Six Woody Allen classic titles are being released as new Blu-Ray packages in the US. All the films are from Allen’s fruitful 70s and early 80s period and are released in September.

The new editions come from Sandpiper Pictures, a relatively new blu-ray company. Looks like they have the rights to Allen’s Orion and United Artists catalogue, which spans the films he made between 1971 and 1991. Blu-Ray reported the news in two batches.

The first batch of titles are released on 20 September. They include:

Another three titles are set for 27 September. They are:

The Orion/United Artists stuff has come out on Blu-Ray in the US before, on limited editions through Twilight Time. They have been released in more regular editions in Europe and these look like the same. We can only assume more of the titles will be released in due time.

Here are the covers:

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  1. Already available in blu ray in Europe and some in US. What would be News is if Woody would cooperate with the blu ray producers and open his vaults for Extras material.

  2. It looks like is reporting the release of more of Woody’s films from the mid to late 80’s to be released in late October. This is splendid news. I never liked the way Twilight Time put a limit on the number of copies to be produced regarding the release of Woody’s films on Blu-ray. Sandpiper picking up the baton is a great sign. Thank you Sandpiper!!! The Man’s hard work, and the hard work of all those involved in these projects deserves to be enjoyed in physical media form for generations to come. Hopefully in some odd way this means a bluray copy of Deconstructing Harry is on the radar!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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