COUP DE CHANCE released in the US April 2024

Woody Allen’s latest film, Coup de Chance, has secured a US release. Allen’s 50th film will hit cinemas on 5 April 2024, followed by a digital release 12 April. The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

The release comes from MPI Media Group, who released Allen’s last two films in the US – A Rainy Day In New York and Rifkin’s Festival. This is Allen’s first US cinema release since 2017’s Wonder Wheel.

The release comes on the back of reports of secret screenings in cities like New York. People want to see the film and the lack of availability has made it a hot ticket.

Coup de Chance is Allen’s 50th feature as writer/director. It’s his first film to be completely in a foreign language, and has already been released in most of Europe and countries like Australia. It has garnered Allen’s best reviews since 2013’s Blue Jasmine. No US version of the poster or trailer yet, but we will post that when they are released.

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  1. Fantastic news!! I’m reading this post as I’m on YouTube watching one of Woody’s other masterpieces- Manhattan Murder Mystery. The incredible Bobby Short intro, “I happen to like New York,” gets me every time!!

  2. It looks like is showing a release date of May 21st for Coup de Chance on bluray for viewers who are Region A. I still hope a proper theatrical release is planned for early April; but yeah, it looks like a bluray of the film will be available shortly (fingers crossed!!).

    GO WOODY!!!

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