Woody Allen announced as narrator for new animated short MR FISCHER’S CHAIR

Woody Allen has confirmed an upcoming film role will be as a narrator. He’s lending his voice to a new animated short film. Variety has the story.

The short film is called Mr Fischer’s Chair. The Mr Fischer in the title is the American chess legend Bobby Fischer. Fischer’s most legendary chess match was with Russian Boris Spassky, in what was called the Match Of the Century.

During the match, there was controversy around Fischer’s chair giving him an unfair advantage. It’s one of many stories about the most legendary chess game in history.

The short is directed by Xosé Zapata and Lorenzo Degl’ Innocenti, who recently won a Goya Award for their short film The Monkey. Allen will also serve as a producer through DareSay, the US film company that worked on Coup de Chance.

Woody Allen returns to animation

Woody Allen has worked on some animation – notably the film Antz in 2000. There was a tiny bit of animation in Annie Hall. Allen has done plenty of narration. Still, this announcement is surprising. Allen’s name will certainly add to the visibility of this project. Variety was provided with concept art and Woody Allen’s name is on it.

Mr Fischer’s Chair is heading into production and there’s already a release date set for August 2025. It could well be the next Woody Allen related film to be released.

Find out more, including more concept art, at Variety.

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