Juliet Taylor, Woody Allen’s longtime casting director, to receive honorary Oscar

Juliet Taylor and Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s longest collaborator is set to be honoured with an Oscar called the Governor’s Award. Juliet Taylor worked on 43 of Allen’s films as casting director. She was responsible for finding the amazing array of stars who have been in Woody Allen’s films since the seventies. Deadline and many others have the story.

Taylor started her casting career being an assistant for Marion Dougherty, a legendary casting agent. She had helped Allen before and Allen asked her to cast 1975’s Love And Death. Dougherty was not available but suggested her assistant instead. She worked with Allen for another 40 odd years, casting 2016’s Cafe Society. Despite retirement, Taylor continued to advise Allen. It was her who suggested Wallace Shawn for Rifkin’s Festival.

In those 40 years, Taylor did everything to find talent. She was sent all the usual tapes. She was always watching out for new talent in film and theatre. She even pulled people off the street, like she did for Zelig.

There’s no shortage of stars that Taylor spotted and gave a small role to in a Woody Allen film. All those acting Oscars that people have won in Woody Allen films are earned in part due to Taylor’s efforts. Taylor also managed Allen’s unique casting process where he doesn’t talk to anyone and the casting could take just a few seconds.

She retired in 2016 and returned the favour, handing duties to her assistant Patricia DiCerto.

She joins the acclaimed composer/musician Quincy Jones and the excellent director Richard Curtis as this year’s Governor’s Award honourees. A ceremony will take place on 17 November 2024.

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