Midnight In Paris Filming Locations – Paris, Versailles, France

Allen had worked in Paris before (Whats New Pussycat, Love And Death, Everyone Says I Love You), but his love of the city is best shown in Midnight In Paris. And audiences and critics alike flocked to the film.

Of all his European travels, he has never made a city look so impressive. It helps that the city gave Allen and his crew special access to shoot locations that the public would have no access.

There are so many great locations in this film – here’s our guide to just about all of them.

For a complete look at the locations from the opening sequence, see here. Although, many locations in the opening sequence also appear throughout the film.

Claude Monet’s home
84 Rue Claude Monet, Giverny

Or more accurately, the garden attached to the home of the legendary painter. Located north-west of Paris.

Hotel Le Bristol
112 rue du Faubourg St Honoré

This was actually the real hotel where Allen stayed during production. We see it several times throughout the film. Including the lobby and inside the rooms. We also see the hotel’s restaurant.

Le Grande Véfour
17 Rue du Beajolais

Lunch with the in-laws.

Palace Of Versailles
Place d’Armes, Versailles

The amazing grounds of the palace is used in an early scene.

Later, the detective is tapped inside the palace itself. Allen was given special access to film inside.

Chopard Boutique
1 Place Vendôme

Looking at rings in a shop on this square. Place Vendôme is also featured in the opening sequence.

Musée Rodin
77 Rue de Varennes

The museum dedicated to master sculptor Rodin, it is used in a couple of scenes.

Le Meurice
228 Rue de Rivoli

This hotel rooftop has a bar where our characters go for a drink. We later see them leaving out the front.

Rue Edouard Quenu

Gil’s first wander, he walks north along this street, towards the roundabout. (Note: according to Google Maps, he has walked at least 50 minutes to get here).

Saint-Etienne du Mont
Place Sainte-Geneviève

The church. We see plenty of the surrounding streets. First the small path running along the north side, rue Saint-Etienne du Mont. Gil’s ride drives up rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève. This spot is now a minor tourist attraction. (Note: he has walked another ten minutes, although in a different direction from when we last saw him).

53 Quai de Bourbon

Their first stop, and first party. Located on Île Saint-Louis, the smaller of the two islands in the heart of Paris. We assume the interior matches the exterior.

15 Rue Malebranche

Heading west, this street is near Jardin du Luxeumbourg. Story-wise, they are on the way to Bricktop’s, a real establishment in Montmartre. They are nowhere near the real location.

Later on the same street, Hemingway takes Gil to see Gertrude Stein. We assume her house is inside.

51 Quai des Grands Augustins, 6th Arr

Inside the so-called Bricktop’s. It’s actually this restaurant.

Cremerie-Restaurant Polidor
41 rue Monsieur le Prince

Where Gil meets Hemingway.

16 rue des Patriarches

The laundromat that has replaced the Polidor when Gil returns to modern times. In real life, nowhere near the Polidor.

112 Boulevard de Courcelles

Gil, Inez and Helen go antique shopping here.

Le Marché Paul Bert
96-100 rue des Rosiers

These markets are real, but these stalls were created for the film, on a day when the market was closed. Used a few times throughout the film.

Musée de l’Orangerie
Jardin des Tuileries

The home of Claude Monet’s amazing Water Lilies. They later view another painting there, La Baigneuse.

Musée des Arts Forains
53 Avenue des Terroirs de France

This fabulous museum is devoted to old fairground equipment.

Restaurant Paul
15 Place Dauphine

Adriana and Gil head outside. They first walk into this square on Île de la Cité. They actually walk along here twice, and sit outside Restaurant Paul.

Rue du Chevalier de la Barre

Adriana and Gil continue their walk on the street in the lovely Montmartre region, about and hour away from where we last saw them. The Sacré Coeur is behind them.

Rue Duperré

Near Place Pigalle, once an infamous red light district in Paris. Around 15 minutes from where we last saw them.

Pont Neuf

The path below this bridge, where it meets Quai des Orfèvres, is where they see Zelda. 45 minutes from where we last saw them.

Later, Gil walks past the same spot in day time.

Duluc Detective
18 rue du Louvre

A real place. Interiors match – we can see the sign behind the detectives.

Quai de Montebello

Gil buys a book from the vendors along the river. We think it’s near Notre Dame.

Square Jean-XXIII
4 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II

With Notre Dame behind them, Gil finds Adriana’s book.

46 rue du Bac

This taxidermy store, looks amazing.

3 rue Royale

Legendary French nightspot.

La Cigale
120 boulevard de Rochechouart

Standing in for the Moulin Rouge, which is not far away.

Café L’île de France
59 Quai de la Tournell

Gil sits at this cafe near the river.

Shakespeare And Company
37 rue de Bûcherie

The famous bookshop along the river in Paris (and used in the great film Before Sunset)

Pont Alexandre III

Paris, in the rain.

And here’s one we don’t know. Anyone know it?

We are going through and doing details filming locations for all of Allen’s films. Check out the Filming Locations articles. Or help us identify the Unknown Filming Locations.

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