Filming Locations for DECONSTRUCTING HARRY – Manhattan, New Jersey and more

Deconstructing Harry is a huge sprawling film. It’s more than the story of Harry Block – it includes the stories he’s written and often mixes reality and fantasy.

Allen shot the film all around New York and New Jersey, nowhere more than a couple of hours from his home. But there are a significant amount of indoor scenes which is impossible to discern the location – hokes of characters, shrink’s offices and the inside of some shops. There’s also studio work, although we know these took place at the Jersey City Armory.

There are several filming locations mentioned across production notes that we have not been able to connect with a scene. There’s the Hotel Continental, an apartment on 16th Street and locations in Union City, The Palisades in New Jersey, Bedford Hills and Rockland County. Although a lot was cut from the film and these locations could have ended up on the cutting room floor.

There are some we know – including many of the outdoor shooting locations, including where Harry supposedly lives.

Here are the filming locations we know about from Deconstructing Harry. We’ve also got some unknown filming locations at the end.

Harry’s apartment
809 Greenwich St

We see the interior, the roof and the street outside. Lucy enters from Jane Street.

Jersey City Armory
678 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

The studio used for the several scenes. We suspect the first apartment seen in the Harvey Stern story. There’s green screen scenes on the car drive. It was definitely used in the devil scenes.

Bethesda Fountain
Central Park

From Mel’s story. Near 72nd Street, in Central Park.

190 Riverside Drive

Harry meets Joan. The address is Riverside Drive but the doors are on West 91st St.

West Side Montesorri School
309 West 92nd Street.

We see the inside of the school first. Harry later kidnaps his son from out the front.

Corner West 92 St and West End Avenue

Harry and Joan continue their walk. They’ve walked back on themselves a bit to get here but it’s close. It’s also close to the school we just saw, but that was a flashback.

Central Park bench

Curved park bench from one of Harry’s stories. It’s on a path just east of the Alice In Wonderland statue, near 76th St.

Fruit Shop
2451 Broadway

Harry bumps into Richard in front of the fruit shop at this location.

Grove Café
314 Bleecker St, Greenwich Village

Harry walks in from Grove St.

Wyndham Hotel
481 8th Avenue

In one of Harry’s stories, Leslie says she is at this hotel. We later see Harry go there. It’s now called The New Yorker.

Henry Hudson Parkway

The gang drives north along this parkway.

Red Apple Rest
974 Route 17, Ramsey, NJ

The gang stop at an amusement park next to the Red Apple Rest, a cafe that is now gone.

Barney Greengrass
541 Amsterdam Avenue.

Drew University
36 Madison Ave, Madison, New Jersey.

Allen also used this University in A Rainy Day In New York. There are several locations used throughout the film. One scene features Harry and the teachers coming out of the Drew Theological School and across a grass area.

Unknown filming locations

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  1. The whole team did a wonderful job with Deconstructing Harry. To me every aspect of this picture is top notch; even the outdoor shots in the autumn foliage with gray skies are magnificent. According to Google Maps it looks like the Red Apple Rest at 974 NY-17 Southfields NY, the structure might be still in place, but the Reuben sandwiches, bowls of matzo ball soup, and zingers being bandied about by the old Borscht Belt comics are long gone. Sadly it looks like the Red Apple is beyond repair. Even way back during filming, Woody might’ve just shot exterior there and interior somewhere else. Further proof, everything has its season.

    GO WOODY!!!

    1. It will be soon. Definitely March at the latest. I’m a few weeks away. If there’s any more delays I might split the season in two and do 5 episodes, a couple of weeks off, and then do the next 5.

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