Don’t Drink the Water

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Don’t Drink the Water‘ is the 24th film written and directed by Woody Allen

Don’t Drink The Water is sometimes left off some lists of Woody Allen films because of one reason – it was made for TV. And in many ways it looks like it, with a clearly reduced budget. It’s also not a new script – it’s a Woody Allen play from 1966 newly adapted for the (small) screen. It’s fun, but one Allen’s much lesser works, but should be counted amongst his cannon of films regardless.

Woody Allen stars as Walter Hollander, head father of a small family that also includes his wide Marion (Julie Kavner) and daughter Susan (Mayim Bialik). The family, through misunderstanding, find themselves hiding out in the American embassy of a fictional iron curtain country. There’s upheaval there too, as Axel McGee (Michael J Fox), the incompetent son of the current diplomat, has been put in charge for the first time.

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  • Although a film, this was produced for television. Specifically, it was made for ABC in the US.
  • It is based on a play written by Allen and first performed on Broadway in 1966.
  • This is the second screen version of the play. The first was version from 1969 starred Jackie Gleason.
  • This script has been updated from the cold war setting to suit contemporary times.
  • Allen’s original cut was too short, so the opening montage of news footage was added.



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