Alice‘ is the 19th film written and directed by Woody Allen.

Alice is a lovely film, and highly under-rated. It has all the hallmarks of a great Woody Allen film – heart, fun, movie-magic – and a great cast anchored by Mia Farrow‘s best performance. It really deserves to be more acclaimed.

Farrow stars as the titular Alice Tate. An upper class New York kept woman, she finds her animal instincts calling when she meets and find herself attracted to Joe Ruffalo (Joe Mantenga). When she explores her feelings, with the help of the mysterious Dr Yang (Keye Luke), she finds more to herself, and her past.

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Cast & Crew

  • Mia Farrow‘s eleventh film in a row with Woody Allen. There will be two more.
  • First Alec Baldwin appearance in an Allen film. He would appear in two more (To Rome With Love and Blue Jasmine). Around the time of ‘To Rome With Love‘, Baldwin remarked that he forgotten he appeared in this film.
  • Julie Kavner appears, her third time working with Allen. She would work with Allen 7 times in total.
  • Judy Davis appears in the first of five films she would make with Allen. She appeared in four just in the 90s, making her Allen’s most used 90s actor.
  • The second of three appearances for Blythe Danner. She would return for Husbands And Wives.
  • Bob Balaban‘s first appearance in an Allen film. He would return for Deconstructing Harry and alongside Allen in John Turturro‘s Fading Gigolo.
  • Keye Luke‘s last film appearance.
  • June Squibb‘s first ever film.
  • It was also the first film appearance for supermodel Elle MacPherson.
  • Sean Young filmed a role that was eventually cut from the film. This also happened to her in Crimes And Misdemeanors.


  • The original title was ‘The Magical Herbs Of Dr Yang‘.
  • This film pays tribute to Frederico Fellini‘s ‘Juliet Of the Spirits‘.

Locations (show map)

  • Another contemporary New York film. Check out our  Filming Locations map.
  • Alice and Joe visit the seals at the Central Park Zoo (64th St and 5th Ave).
  • Dr Yang’s shop is on 18A Doyers Street, New York – of course in Chinatown.
  • Joe is invisible in Ralph Lauren Mansion (867 Madison Avenue)



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  1. This is a great all-encompassing Woody effort, and beautifully filmed. Woody, once again, wonders about faith, God and the Universe – while falling down the rabbit hole – complete with “Eat Me” / “Drink Me” assistance. Mia is at her very best.

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