VIDEO: 10 Things About ALICE – Trivia, Locations, Casting And More

Alice was Woody Allen’s 19th film, and a big showcase for Mia Farrow. It is a feel good film with some great cinema magic, yet remains one of Allen’s most obscure. Our latest video essay looks at this quietly lovely film.

We dig into:

1. The song that taps into the Chinatown vibe
2. The film’s original title
3. Keye Luke’s last role
4. Joe Mantegna’s filming two roles at the same time
5. That fab apartment
6. Central Park Zoo
7. New York’s Chinatown
8. The oldest Italian restaurant in New York
9. The documentary shown in the film
10. The man behind that awesome red outfit

Alice is featured in our new book – The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide Volume 4. You can find out plenty more about this film and others in our book series. They are a great way of supporting the site.

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