New UK Blu-Ray Box Set Woody Allen Seven Films 1986-1991 Released February


Arrow Academy recently picked up the rights to 19 of Allen’s early films, including many of the classics on which his reputation lies. They have been releasing the films on blu-ray and in great box sets. The 3rd and final set has just been announced and arrives in February.

The new set is called Seven Films 1986-1991. It will be released on 20th February 1997. It contains

Hannah And Her Sisters (1986)
Radio Days (1987)
September (1987)
Another Woman (1988)
Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989)
Alice (1990)
Shadows And Fog (1991)

It’s the last of the 11 film run for Allen at Orion Pictures. Allen would move to Tri-Star after this, and would never have such a long relationship with a studio again.

This follows on from two other box sets – Six Films 1971-1978 and Six Films 1979-1985. Arrow will also release standalone blu-rays for all those films, with Hannah And Her Sisters and Radio Days being released on 20th February as well (box art below). The next standalone, Interiors, is actually released on 14th November.

You can find and order all the current releases on Amazon UK.

More information as it comes.

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  1. Its a major coup for Woody’s UK fans to get these wonderful box sets. Like the previous two, this third box set is a real beauty!!! I think British film audiences have a more mature, discerning taste in film than us in the states. In general, they probably would appreciate a good Bergman drama over, say, a Michael Bay car chase bomb exploding robot contorting mind-numbing action extravaganza. Like Woody’s opening monologue in Match Point – they see deeply into life. Its good to know HD versions of September, Alice, and Another Women exist. Hopefully, the release of these three films is a hint of things to come in the US next year.

    GO WOODY!!!!!!!!

  2. Do people really believe this? I love Woody but I know he does and it’s just a glaring reminder that he lives in a bubble and knows little of ordinary people outside of it. The average person likes the same stuff that their counterparts in any other nation do, just with different flavors. It’s not only Americans who go to see films like Transformers in droves (by the way, can we stop using this film as an example? Nothing says, “Stupid, stereotypical, superficial argument a-coming!” More than the presence of Transformers.) People who like Bergman are in the clear minority everywhere. The most successful French films certainly aren’t by Godard or Rivette, not…even…close. An ordinary Italian won’t be able to tell you who Hou Hsiao-Hsien is anymore than an American.

    This is such a ridiculous idea that just needs to go away…

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