Irrational Man Filming Locations – Rhode Island, Newport, Providence And More

Allen surprised his audience once again when he chose Rhode Island for his location for 2015’s Irrational Man. New York, Paris, London, Rome….Newport? Yet Rhode Island seemed to fit the bill.

After several years of European funding, Allen had secured some US funding, meaning he could now stay in the US to make films. But his story needed to be set in a University, and production had to pretty much take over large sections. Wanting a city that was at least a little overcast, Allen looked outside of his beloved New York.

Rhode Island has an active Film Office, that that office worked hard to court Allen and his team. Rhode Island has several universities, and with the Film Office’s help, managed to secure Salve Regina for most of the shooting (with additional shooting on other grounds). Once in Rhode Island, Allen was able to make use of the nature beauty around the island, such as Beavertail National Park, as seen in the poster.

The production travelled between Newport and Providence, using locations in the two cities (and beyond). The film does say that the city is Newport but the name of the college – Braylon College – is fictional. Still, there’s many local landmarks and their’s no hiding Rhode Island.

Allen did tell Page Six that he enjoyed his time there.

“I fell in love with Newport. If I ever get a summer house it’ll be there.”

Here’s the Irrational Man filming Locations – spoilers to follow. We also have some unknown locations if you know Rhode Island and can help us spot them. We will also list any known filming locations we failed to match with the film.


Braylin College. Salve Regina University – 100 Ochre Point Ave, Newport

The fictional Braylon College is the most prominent location. It’s actually Salve Regina University, a Catholic university. Classrooms in the university were used, as well as exteriors in the campus.

The building where Abe arrives is Young Building. Later, Jill sees Abe with Rita outside.

We see the arch that makes up Stoner and Drexel Halls.

O’Hare Academic Centre is the home of science labs where Abe steals cyanide. It includes the cafeteria (Jazzman’s Café And Bakery) where some staff talk about Abe.

We look at the water from Ochre Court, one of the main buildings.

Jill’s house – 96 Oriole Avenue, Providence.

Corner of Parkside Road, Providence. You can see the house next door also matches when she sits outside.

Abe’s House – 21 Irving Avenue, Providence.

In the film, the house number says 51 (and confirmed by people who saw production). Not sure why they changed it.

The cocktail reception. 125 Princeton Avenue, Providence.

Rita’s House. 6 Greenough Pl, Newport.

Rita’s home.

Providence Athenaeum. 251 Benefit St, Providence.

The library where Jill and Roy go.
Abe also goes there later to study poison.
The faculty meeting scene after Abe poisons Judge Spangler.

Jane Pickens Theater and Event Center. 49 Touro St, Newport.

The scene continues as they walk East along Touro St. Eisenhower park behind them.

Beavertail State Park, near Jamestown.

This was the scene used for the poster.
Beavertail Lighthouse was used in a later scene.

The Classic Cafe. 865 Westminster Street, Providence

The interior of the café where Abe and Jill overhear Carol’s story is different from the exterior. The interior is the Classic Café.

West Side Diner – 1308 Westminster Street, Providence

The exterior is the West Side Diner.

Franklin Spa – 229 Spring St, Newport.

Abe eats here twice in the film.

Judge Spangler’s house – 265 Benefit Street, Providence.

The Hope Club – 6 Benevolent Street, Providence

The judge plays cards here.

Lippit Park, Providence

Judge Spangler runs along Blackstone Boulevard. We later see him on a bench in the park for the vital scene.

Chez Pascal. 960 Hope St, Providence

Where the judge buys juice. At in the south corner of Lippit Park.

Washington County Fair – 78 Richmond Townhouse Road, Richmond.

It runs in August every year, just as production was in town.

H&G Professional Building – 255 Main Street, Pawtucket

District Courthouse – 1 Exchange Terrace, Providence

Tavares News – 30 High Street, Pawtucket

Trinity Church – 141 Spring Street

Abe calls from just outside the church (to his left).

Glen Park – Portsmouth

Lake Mishnock – West Greenwich

Island Books – 135 Spring St, Newport.

Glen Farm Stables – 163 Glen Farm Rd, Portsmouth

Coffee Exchange – 207 Wickenden Street, Providence.

King’s Beach – Rhode Island

Unknown filming locations

Here’s the ones we don’t know. Can you (or anyone you know in Rhode Island) help us spot it?

Known filming locations we couldn’t match

  • Filming took place at Brettonwoods Drive, Cranston.

That’s it. Hope you like this new filming locations column. We are going to go backwards in film order because we’ve spent so much time on the early stuff (books, videos, 5 films and a TV show, etc).

Our Unknown Filming Locations page has all sorts of stuff you might be able to help us with.


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  1. This is a great post. For some strange reason, when I watch Irrational Man I always enjoy the simple scene where a groggy and tipsy Abe arrives on the campus for the first time. I love the bewildered expression on the faces of the two ladies helping him acclimate to the campus. They can sense he’s a little soused when he arrives. Clearly, Abe, the illustrious philosophy professor is not making the most positive first impression. Juaquin, Paula Plum, and Nancy Giles played that little scene perfectly. For some strange reason, it gets me every time.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this post, as Irrational Man is my second-favorite Allen film (the first being Midnight in Paris). I’ve been a Woodfan since 1990, but much of his recent work are films I hold in the highest regard. I will rely on this most excellent guide should I ever finally get myself up to New England, something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

  3. Could do like role reversal and have Jill be the character with the fatal floor and Abe the willing muse Abe is killef off so another maybe Roy that would do ut fir me sure he could carry that role

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