Irrational Man: LA Screenings, Q+As, Interviews With Cast

There’s been a flurry of activity in LA surrounding Irrational Man, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen. The cast are currently in the city, doing interviews with various press outlets. On top of that, a special screening was held, with a Q+A session with some of the cast.

The screening was organised by the Screen Actors Guild. The Q+A that followed featured Parker Posey and Emma Stone. Hosted by Jenelle Riley of Variety, the women all decided against the tall directors chairs, that didn’t look comfortable, and opted for the floor.

UPDATE: Variety has a write up of the Q+A.

Lots of positive comments about the film as well.

Not many details about the actual content of the Q+A. It doesn’t look like it was filmed but hopefully it will leak out.

Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t at the screening but he turned up for at least one interview. Posey also sat for interviews.

One interview has already hit the web!

Everyone is in town for a red carpet screening of the film in LA later today. Interesting that Phoenix is there, who has not done any publicity for the film so far. Also interesting that Stone has been limiting her interviews, as reported.

Woody Allen, meanwhile, was spotted in Barcelona, almost 10,000 km away from that spotlight.

We’ll have red carpet coverage tomorrow. ‘Irrational Man‘ is released 17th July in New York and Los Angeles.

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