Woody Allen 2017 Film: Kate Winslet In Green, Forgets Justin Timberlake Sings


Kate Winslet was once again spotted on the set of Woody Allen’s 2017 Film. We are just a week into production and we have seen her and Justin Timberlake the most. Although, in a funny interview, Winslet seemed to forget Timberlake.

Daily Mail seems to be covering the shoot the most. Although they give no location details. There’s a distinctive welcome sign behind her. Anyone spot it?

Daily Mail also have some video.

It also seems Kate is spending her time in the US promoting the release of her new film The Dressmaker. Based on an Australian book and featuring a wonderful Australian cast – she was on the Today show talking about it, a dropped a story of embarrassing herself with co-star Justin Timberlake.

Or you can read about it. But basically, she asks JT if he sings.

Or you can read about it.

Not much more to report, as the 2nd week wraps. Usually, Allen shoots somewhere between four to six weeks (there are exceptions), but we expect that a lot of the film is done!

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