WONDER WHEEL Trailer – Shot By Shot Breakdown

We were very excited to see the new trailer for Wonder Wheel, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen. As usual, we are breaking down the trailer shot for shot. Here goes!

We open on Coney Island, not today but in the 1950s. It’s a magnificent shot of Coney Island’s beach, complete with the rides in the background. Many of those rides are gone, and there was never that many people during filming, suggesting a lot of special effect has gone into this shot.

A couple of shots of the beach and the boardwalk. The big red tower is the Parachute Jump ride. Now defunct but the structure still stands.

We then see Mickey (Justin Timberlake), at bay 7. We heard that he is the narrator of the story, and he certainly starts the story. He also looks at the camera, breaking the fourth wall.

Amazon Studios logo.

Then a shot of the Wonder Wheel itself.

The music becomes You Belong To Me, by Jo Stafford, released in 1952.

A few shots of a distressed Carolina (Juno Temple) arriving at Coney Island. We assume there’s CGI trickery in them too.

Then into Ruby’s Clam House. This set was located on the real Coney Island boardwalk, and the production made the facade.

She is looking for and finds Ginny (Kate Winslet).

Then in what we assume is Humpty (Jim Belushi) and Ginny’s home. It looks over Coney Island, but we assume this is CGI. Looks like moments from two different scenes.

Then Ginny on the beach on her own. It’s Coney Island again. Mickey comes out to help her.

Back at the family home.

Then the men fishing. The man closest to us is played by Max Casella, who appeared in Blue Jasmine and Crisis In Six Scenes.

Ginny at home in the mirror.

The merry-go-round ride where Humpty works, with Ginny.

Two men arrive, played by Steve Schirripa and Tony Sirico, marking a mini Sopranos reunion. The Cyclone ride is behind them, then onto the boardwalk, then finding Humpty at work.

This extremely red shot of Humpty and Ginny at home.

A boy setting fire to some mannequins. He is played by Jack Gore.

A rainy day outside the boardwalk.

Carolina in a car. Note she wears the same waitress outfit as Ginny.

A fight between Ginny and Carolina.

Back at the clam house. Hmm, clams.

Shooting amusement. Ominous, hmm?

Ginny looking distressed. There’s going to be a lot of that in this film.

Ginny popping pills. We assume a fair bit of this as well.

Ginny has a headache, with Humpty. Note the boy in the foreground.

The more scenes of Ginny and Humpty in the house.

Our cast card. Only four get star billing, small by Allen standards.

Mickey, Ginny and Carolina at an old theatre. The film poster behind them is for Winchester ’73, a 1950 western. The location is the Richmond Hill Bingo Hall in Jamaica, NY.

Ginny all dressed up. Quite a bit of smoking in this film.

Allen gets his ‘written and directed by’ card.

Ginny, on the boardwalk, sees something.

Mickey says he knows something, at Humpty and Ginny’s home.

A dressed up Ginny again, giving the trailer’s key line.

Three quick cuts in the house. Humpty smashes something.Ginny pulls a knife. Mickey spies through a window.

Then Ginny looking pensive. On her balcony?

Then the big Wonder Wheel. again An unusual shot for Allen, who usually dislikes and avoids blues.

Cast card and coming soon.

Just looking at the shots, we know at the very least the film will look gorgeous.

Wonder Wheel plays the New York Film festival on October 14th.

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  1. what stands out to me is how little timberlake is seen speaking in the trailer… he begins with the narration then we just see him pop up in the background or hanging around but it feels like there’s a lot more we are not getting with him. maybe they don’t want to reveal his entanglements with the two women. at one point kate seems upset juno kissed someone. so far we’ve gotten a great title, gorgeous poster, beautiful trailer… hoping this is a home run… i guess we will get some idea after the film fest premiere in a few weeks

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