More Images From Woody Allen’s 2014 Shoot – Not Emma Stone?


Woody Allen is currently in France filming his 2014 film – an as-yet-untitled comedy starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth. Over the weekend, the crew filmed a number of scenes outside Nice Opera, which we have featured on this site (check out our stories tagged 2014 film for more pics). We have been sent a link to yet another gallery from that shoot.

Here are the shots. It is again featuring mainly a couple talking whilst a car pulls up. We do know Colin Firth was there, and Emma Stone was reported by social media to be there. These shots are however with two different actors who are unknown to us. We hear Emma was there wearing red – perhaps stand ins were used in certain times.


Production continues til the end of August and Allen is expected to film on several locations throughout the south of France. We will bring you any more pics as soon as we get them.

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  1. That’s Erica Leerhsen & Hamish Linklater

    Colin Firth was spotted on set. Emma Stone I think is supposed to attend Comic-Con this week for The Amazing Spiderman 2 and maybe after she’ll start shooting scenes. Unless she’s already started. Her scenes might be indoors so it might be hard to catch a glimpse of her on set.

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