Fading Gigolo opened this weekend in the US, and it’s taken a big draw of the box office so far. The new film written, directed and starring John Turturro has netted a bigger per-theatre average than any film this week, and it’s the second biggest weekend for any film this year. ‘Fading Gigolo‘ has grossed […]


Fading Gigolo is out this week in New York and Los Angeles. The new film is written and direcetd by it’s star, John Turturro. It co-stars Woody Allen, Vanessa Paradis, Liev Schreiber, Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. To celebrate the release we are collecting every trailer and clip as our collective videos of the week. […]

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Released in 1991, Scenes From A Mall was a low budget, low key distraction. A mostly terrible film, it lacks any real memorable moments, buried under televisual and dated production values. A romantic comedy that is not very romantic or funny. Woody Allen stars as Nick Fifer, sports agent and husband. It’s his anniversary, and […]

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Fading Gigolo, the latest film written, directed and starring John Turturro, his US cinemas on limited release tomorrow. The film features Woody Allen in a major role, and in a new clip, really highlights the chemistry between the two actors. Turturro has said in interviews that Allen’s mentoring of him and his film is similar […]

Zach Braff

The Bullets Over Broadway musical has opened on Broadway, but there’s no rest for the wicked. The full cast spent time this week in a recording studio, recording the official soundtrack. The cast as well as had plenty of pictures. The full cast was there – Brooks Ashmanskas, Zach Braff, Nick Cordero, Marin Mazzie, […]


News bits – our twice monthly round up of Woody Allen bits from around the web. Richard Brick has passed away, aged 68. He was an official of the Director’s Guild of America and a former New York film Comissioner. In his time, he also served as producer on three Woody Allen films – Deconstructing […]


Entertainment Weekly has a scoop on Woody Allen’s 2014 film Magic In the Moonlight. Along with a new pic featuring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, they have revealed some more about the plot details, as well as new quotes from Woody Allen and Marcia Gay Harden. The scoop comes part of EW’s summer movie guide […]


Radio Days is the next Woody Allen written and directed film to hit Blu-Ray. Twilight Time is once again distributor, and will once again release a limited edition run of 3000 copies. The announcement was made on Twilight Time’s Facebook page. Originally released in 1987, this big sprawling film is a love letter to the […]

Sofia Vergara, John Turturro, Vanessa Paradis

Fading Gigolo is the new film written, directed and starring John Turturro. It co-stars Woody Allen and is released later this week in New York and Los Angeles. The New York Times has a lengthy profile on the film, talking to many members of the cast, including Allen. We also have picture from the New […]

Emma Stone at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere in London

Emma Stone is busy doing the rounds, promoting her new film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘. She’s been fielding questions about her next film – Woody Allen’s Magic In The Moonlight. In a recent interview, she discussed working with her co-star Colin Firth for the first time. Belfast Telegraph ran the story. I did that last […]

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Woody Allen surprises us once again. He famously attends nothing that resembles a launch of one of his films, yet he seemed more than happy to walk the red carpet and end up at the after party for the Bullets Over Broadway Musical. There weren’t many pics of Woody himself, but here’s one. The entire […]


The Bullets Over Broadway Musical has opened, and that means the reviews are flooding in. Overall, the reviews have been mainly positive, with some very enthusiastic responses. There seems to be universal praise of Nick Cordero, but some have taken issue with the choice of music, and that troublesome finale. We also have more new […]

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John Turturro has been working very hard, out promoting his new film Fading Gigolo, which co-stars Woody Allen. He has taken himself around the world, and is now back in the states. With co-star Vanessa Paradis, they sat down for a Q&A with Film Independent before a screening. It’s a lengthy half hour full of […]


Bullets Over Broadway opened tonight at the St James Theatre in New York City. Celebrities graced the red carpet, including Allen himself. We also have new clips of the musical, and the opening night playbill has been posted online. Woody Allen was on hand to celebrate the opening of ‘Bullets Over Broadway‘. He doesn’t attend […]

The bigcast l-r: Pastore, Cordero, Ziemba, Mazzie, Ashmanskas, Yorke and Wolfe.

Today’s the day! The Bullets Over Broadway Musical opens on Broadway tonight. To go with it, we have the first official pics of all the characters and sets on stage, plus details of the cast recording soundtrack. The production is an adaptation of the 1994 film of the same name, written by Woody Allen and […]

Fading Gigolo, the new film written, directed and starting John Turturro, hits US screens in just over a week. We now have a bunch of new official images, as well as details of the soundtrack. Eonline has the exclusive pics, including the one above. They feature Turturro, Woody Allen, Liev Schreiber, Sharon Stone and Sofia […]


Broadway Danny Rose, Allen’s 1984 comedy, comes to Blu-Ray for the first time thanks to Twilight Time. The new release is a limited edition of 3000 copies and can be purchased from Screen Archives. Here’s the synopsis of the film Broadway Danny Rose (1984), starring, written, and directed by Woody Allen, gives us a variation […]


We wrap up all the Bullets Over Broadway musical goings on for ya! Vincent Pastore is the latest member of the cast to do interviews. He’s been talking about his background in musicals and, of course, Woody Allen. has the interview. The music was also familiar, including his song “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good […]

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been out on the promo circuit, talking about her new film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘. Her next film after that is Woody Allen’s Magic In The Moonlight, and a new article in The Guardian features a quote from her about Allen. Working with Woody was very different from what I expected. I […]


In a somewhat surprise announcement, Woody Allen’s 2014 film ‘Magic In The Moonlight‘ will be released on 25th July 2014. Written and directed by Allen, it will be follow his recent standard release pattern if opening in New York and Los Angeles before rolling out further. This announcement came from a tweet by Exhibitor Relations, […]


New poll time. And to tie in with the release of Fading Gigolo, we want to know what your favourite John Turturro appearance is. Turturro is better known as an actor, and has appeared in many memorable roles, and memorable films. Which one shows Turturro’s talent the best? Our choices are ‘Barton Fink‘, ‘The Big […]


The Bullets Over Broadway Musical is but a week away from opening night, and the press is heating up. We’ve collected some pieces that take us behind the scenes. We have new interviews with Woody Allen, Susan Stroman, Marin Mazzie, Nick Cordero and more. The new Time magazine, which hits stands on 14th April, has a […]

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There are many performances in the Bullets Over Broadway Musical that are getting acclaim – Helene Yorke, Marin Mazzie, Zach Braff. But none seem to have pleased the audience as much as Trixie, an 8 pound Pomeranian, who has been stealing the show. Trixie plays Mr Woofles, the constant companion of Eden Brent (originally played […]


Fading Gigolo, the new film from John Turturro, sees release in many countries later this month. With that little time to go, we are seeing more marketing materials hitting the web, including clips, images and posters. Vulture have nabbed an exclusive new clip that shows Woody Allen facing off against Liev Schreiber. Schreiber plays protector […]


Eileen Atkins is starring in Woody Allen’s 2014 film Magic In The Moonlight. In a new interview, she revealed how she managed to get the role, and gave some insight into working with Allen. The interview appeared in the Telegraph. In it, she reveals that Allen saw her in a play ‘The Retreat From Moscow‘ […]