Café Society Wk4: $18m Global, $8.4m US, Conal Fowkes


Café Society has been out in the US for four weeks and five weekends. It held onto a good number of cinemas in the US, although it is beginning to slow down.

Café Society has now earned $18,253,186 globally. US leads ($8.4m), France ($7.1m) and Russia ($1.3m).

In the US, it was the 12th highest grossing film last week. We are still pegging $12m as the finish line for the US, and $40-45m globally.

FilmsCafé Society (2016)Irrational Man (2015)Magic In The Moonlight (2014)Blue Jasmine (2013)To Rome With Love (2012)
Global total$20,641,886$27,391,084$51,029,361$97,505,481 $73,244,881
US Total$10,012,219 $4,030,360$10,539,326$33,405,481$16,685,867
US w/end 7 GTD (#theatres)$10,012,219 (216)$3,716,077 (91)$9,182,507 (530)$25,108,580 (1,069)$14,304,640 (382)
US wk 6 GTD (#theatres)$9,652,219 (271)$3,615,476 (185)$8,551,447 (438)$22,760,886 (1,179)$13,480,417 (492)
US wk 5 GTD (# theatres)$8,911,665 (455)$3,300,141 (425)$7,189,545 (787)$16,466,468 (1,283)$11,909,842 (552)
US wk 4 GTD (# theatres)$7,543,186 (631)$2,678,860 (925)$5,489,325 (964)$10,498,802 (229)$9,687,102 (744)
US wk 3 GTD (# theatres)$3,906,960 (565)$1,367,913(135)$2,830,456 (170)$7,130,581 (119)$6,118,627 (806)
US wk 2 GTD (# theatres)$1,656,960 (50)$637,331 (28)$1,634,218 (65)$3,695,839 (50)$1,759,210 (29)
US wk 1 (# theatres)$502,379 (5)$258,341 (7)$582,336 (17)$986,419 (6)$540,672 (5)

Due to release this week is Estonia. The week after is a big one, with the film opening in Spain (as well as Greece and Taiwan).

The Café Society Soundtrack has also had a good week. It has moved up to being the 7th highest selling Jazz record in the US, according to Billboard. You can get the soundtrack now.

Café Society Soundtrack

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Speaking of the soundtrack, Conal Fowkes posted great pics of himself on set. Fowkes is Allen’s regular piano player.

He’s with Brian Nalepka on bass and John Gill on drums.

And some more e-cards.

We’ll be back with another update next week.

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