Woody Allen 80th Birthday Bits: Lists, Tweets And More


Woody Allen is 80! Apparently he didn’t celebrate but many others did on their behalf. Here’s a quick wrap of various articles, lists and tweets.

Esquire revisited Allen’s appearances in their magazine over the years. They also compiled all the times they had Allen on the cover as well as looking at how Allen has evolved over the years in their eyes.

Eonline looked back at Allen’s eight decades by looking at the women in his films from Diane Keaton to Emma Stone.

Forward did an incredible job of ranking other people’s Woody Allen’s lists. Many of the lists are people ranking all of Allen’s films from best to worse.

The Bio website highlights various trivia in Allen’s life, such as he never graduated college or that the split screen in Annie Hall was not a split screen.

Deutsche Welle did a great wrap up of Allen’s life, with top 10 highlights of his film.

Yahoo UK looked his various hits and misses, film-wise.

Marie Claire listed eight of his best films, including Blue Jasmine and Hannah And Her Sisters.

Allen’s bandmates wished him well.

And some well wishes from Sarah Silverman (who shares Allen’s birthday) and Emmanuelle Beart.

Websites like the BBC, IMDB, Life and Mubi

Big Allen fans team behind the wonderful Woody Allen: A Documentary and Jason Solomons, author of Woody Allen Film By Film.

Cinemas like LA’s Chinese Theatre (due to feature in the 2016 film) and London’s Curzon (nodding to Manhattan)

There was a lot more tributes, and then a world more that were not in English. There’s too many to collect together!

Happy birthday Woody Allen! Find our own birthday wrap-up.

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