2016 Film: French Release October, Sony Pictures Classics, DVD Speculation


After the surprise news of Allen’s new, 2016 film being purchased by Amazon, we’ve got a couple of follow up tidbits. We have a revised release date for France, and we look at one question we’ve been asked a lot since yesterday – will there be a DVD?

First up, Mars Distribution is Allen’s French distributor for many years. Their chairman Stephane Celerier was quick to reassure with a French release date, on Twitter. Previously September, the film will now be released on 12th October. The Amazon deal only says North America. It is unclear how it will affect the rest of the world, if at all.

The Amazon deal marks an end to Allen’s six film run on Sony Pictures Classics. The SPC era saw highs and lows, but the relationship worked best on two massive hits for Allen, Midnight In Paris and Blue Jasmine. According to Deadline, SPC will not be partnering with Amazon on the new film. Although Amazon has the rights, they don’t actually have a theatrical business. For example, the new Amazon film Elvis & Nixon is being distributed into cinemas by Bleecker Street – who seem likely to team up on this one as well.

One question that has popped up a few times in comments and on Facebook is whether there will be a DVD release. The answer is, we don’t know. Amazon’s TV shows don’t make it to DVD – but it seems like films work a little differently. Chi-Raq, the latest Spike Lee film distributed by Amazon, is out on DVD. We can imagine outside of the US, there will be a DVD and other home editions.

Allen will be working with Amazon all year. His 2016 Film, followed by the 2016 Amazon series starring Miley Cyrus and Elaine May.

Now, we want to know your thoughts. Will you be signing up to Amazon Prime?

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  1. Time will tell if all this pans out. Its definitely the trend though. As long as going forward into perpetuity Woody’s films get an honest nationwide theatrical run and his films are available for purchase on DVD/Bluray, Woody’s movies can go into the cybersphere of Amazon and attract additional viewers all they want. These media/internet/content providers are trying everything to accumulate as much content as they can to capture and keep your attention. Whether it be your eyeballs – or the balls between your legs. THEY GOTCHA!!!!!! or at least that’s where they wanna getcha!!!! :o(

    PS – Hey Amazon if you’re listening. Think about setting up a Woody channel. Woody 24/7. And how’bout a live feed direct from the Cafe Carlyle when Woody and his boys are playing their Monday night gigs!!!! I’d cough up some hefty $$$ for that.

    GO WOODY!!!!

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