Video: 10 Things About Another Woman – Trivia, Cast, Locations And More

Our latest video essays looks at one of Allen’s least popular films – 1988’s Another Woman. Released in 1988, it was only Allen’s third drama, and one plagued by casting issues, with many scenes being cut. It’s obscure (and sometimes hard to find) – so how well do you know it?

Our video looks at

  1. The Ingmar Bergman film that once again served as a reference/inspiration.
  2. The casting of the lead roles.
  3. Gena Rowlands.
  4. The casting of the supporting roles.
  5. David Ogden Stiers joins the family
  6. The influence of German philosopher Martin Heidegger
  7. The influence of German poet Rainer Maria Rilke
  8. The influence of German painter Gustav Klimt.
  9. That great old theatre
  10. The speakeasy that inspired the slang ’86’.

It’s the latest video about a film that we’ve covered in our book The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide. It’s the definitive guides to Allen’s films, with minute by minute breakdowns of locations, references, trivia, music cues and much, much more.

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Here’s all our video essays so far. 17 films done, as Allen is set to release his 47th…so we have crossed a third of the way. As usual, if you like the videos, make sure you like, leave a comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel – it really helps us out.

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  1. Another great post. The great acting, great writing, and the cold clammy autumn weather displayed in this film all come together nicely and make Another Women one of Woody’s finest. I’m looking forward to getting this on bluray. Gena Rowlands did a fine job in Another Women. All the films she did with John Cassavetes like Faces, Opening Night, and Love Streams among others are classics. Sandy Davis has a great little part in this film. Sandy was in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and a great movie called Four Seasons written and directed by Woody alumni Alan Alda. Four Seasons is the story of three couples and how their friendship changes once one of the couples separates and a new person comes in and the ripple effect changes the whole dynamic of the group.

    GO WOODY!!!!

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