Woodywatch: Woody Allen Visits The Orient Express

Woody Allen has ducked over to Paris this week. He dropped by one of the most exciting pop up restaurants we’ve heard about – the actual Orient Express. The legendary train has been cleaned up as a fine dining experience in the heart of Paris. Photos were posted on Twitter.

Allen also left some words about the exhibition.

The Orient Express ran for over 100 years, and was renown for being a luxurious experience. The original train is now on show, outside the Institut du Monde Arabe along the Seine. The food is only part of the experience.

What is Woody Allen doing in Paris? We don’t know. Not approving posters for Magic In the Moonlight. Is he scouting for a new film? Or taking a break as he has said he plans to make his 2015 film in the US this year.

Either way, looks like he’s having fun. Find out more about the Orient Express at USA Today or the SNCF for those who read French (or have Google translate).

Let’s hope for more substantial film news soon.

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