New US Poster For Fading Gigolo

Fading Gigolo, the 2014 comedy written, directed and starring John Tuturro, and starring Woody Allen, is ever so slowly upping its marketing efforts. Following on from the release if a French poster comes the US version, as well as a quick comment from Turturro.

Entertainment Weekly had the scoop with the poster and Turturro.


It is similar to the new French poster, and certainly puts the relationship between Turturro and Allen front and centre.

There’s some nice quotes to accompany the new poster

On prostitution:

I’ve always been interested in the transaction that goes on, there’s always human overtones in that. In a lot of old movies, in the ’30s, a lot of people played street walkers or street hustlers or prostitutes and there’s something about it I found interesting.

On how the film started

I was just thinking about something for Woody and me, since we both share the same barber and he always kept telling me, ‘You guys should do something together,’.

More quotes at Entertainment Weekly.

No US release date is yet set for the film, though it’s likely to be early 2014, to match with April release dates in Canada and France. It also leaves a bit of breathing room for a likely July-ish release for Magic In the Moonlight.

Here’s the trailer from the TIFF premiere earlier in the year. We expect a new trailer and more info very soon!

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