Woodywatch: Woody Allen Holidays In Oviedo, Spain


Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn are on holidays in Spain. We don’t normally cover these things, but we are for three reasons – 1) the reason they are in Europe, 2) the city they chose and 3) how darn happy they look.

Woody and Soon-Yi were snapped by many photographers this week in Oviedo, Spain. Allen is in Europe because he has directed an opera. It is a revival of Gianni Schicchi, (he directed a previous production in 2008) and it premieres on 30th June in Madrid, at Teatro Real. Placido Domingo was set to star, but pulled out due to personal reasons.

We assume Allen has been in Spain for a while, but he has taken the day off to visit Oviedo, a city close to his heart. He used the city in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Oviedo, in turn, has a life-sized statue of Woody Allen. They love him there.

And they do look darn happy. Allen happily posed with passerbys and signed autographs, something he never does in New York. The two were happy, laughing, hand in hand and clearly in love. Snaps and stories ran in a lot of Spanish news outlets like 20 minutes, ABC, El Comercio, Clarin, Asturias 24 and more.

And here is the world of social media and smart phones!


We will be covering the run of ‘Gianni Schicchi‘ in the coming days. The production heads to LA in September, with Domingo still set to star at this point.


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  1. Its good to see Woody out-and-about town. The man is an Adonis. Whether it be sitting in his four pronged chair worshiping at the altar of his typewriter or laying in his four-poster bed worshiping at the altar of Soon-Yi, the man has still got it. Always has, and always will.

    GO WOODY!!!!

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