Video: 10 Things About Manhattan – Trivia, Music, Locations and More

Manhattan is one of Woody Allen’s masterworks. It is Allen’s most beautiful film, and he managed that perfect mix of laughs, music and deep discussion. It was also a huge success for Allen. But how well do you know the film?

It’s the latest in our video essay series. 10 Things about Manhattan. Find out about:

1. George Gershwin’s massive influence
2. A couple of great parodies
3. Gordon Willis
4. The first allen widescreen film
5. Mariel Hemingway’s grandfather
6. Meryl Streep trumps her own co-star for an Academy Award
7. Wallace Shawn enters the scene
8. How they made that magical bridge scene
9. Three of Allen’s favourite places to eat
10. And the first Allen film to play at Cannes.

A lot this research was done for the Manhattan chapter of our book – The Woody Allen Pages Watcher’s Guide Vol 2. It’s your complete guide to the film, but also Interiors, Stardust Memories, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, Zelig and Broadway Danny Rose.


Here’s our last one, focussing on Interiors.

What do you think of Manhattan?

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